Hydrography / NHD Workgroup

The California Department of Water Resources now receives funding to act as stewards of the California portion of the National Hydrography Dataset, which includes the Watershed Boundary Dataset. For more information on that program please visit the website at http://water.ca.gov/waterdatalibrary/NHD/index.cfm

Here is the Workgroup Charter that was adopted at the September 2017 meeting:  Charter for the NHD Workgroup of the California GIS …

Here is the Workgroup Report for the December 2017 meeting: NHD Workgroup Report CA GIS Council December 2017

Here is the Workgroup Report for the September 2017 meeting: NHD Workgroup Report CA GIS Council September2017

Here is the Workgroup Report presented at the June 2017 meeting:   NHD Workgroup Report to California GIS Council 20170608


Letter Regarding the California Watershed Boundaries Dataset_20170803 a.k.a. CalWater

Contact:  jane.schafer-kramer@water.ca.gov, 916-653-4441


Jane Schafer-Kramer, Department of Water Resources, Chair

Danielle Bram, California State University, Northridge

Jason Schwenkler, California State University, Chico

Tim Lindemann, U.S. Forest Service

Ahmed Rhuma, U.S. Forest Service

Drew Decker, U.S. Geological Survey

Carol Ostergren, U.S. Geological Survey

(Other California GIS Council members are welcome to join.)