How to subscribe to the California GIS Council ListServe

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Please see the instructions below and let me know if you have any questions.  Subscriptions will have to be approved by the owners (Karen Beardsley, Chrstina Boggs, or Nate Roth), so we will make sure it is only appropriate users who are added.

To subscribe:

  1. Send a message to sympa@ucdavis.edufrom the address you want to subscribe to the list.
  2. In the subject line of your message, type in: subscribe ca.gis.council Firstname Lastname
  3. Leave the message body blank.

To unsubscribe:

  1. From the address with which you subscribed to the list, send a message to
  2. In the subject line of your email, type in: unsubscribe ca.gis.council (leave body of message blank)

URISA Recommends the addition of Address data as a national Framework Theme

URISA, a national organization, recently recommended that the Federal Government add an eighth framework data theme to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI).  This would, if adopted, cause a federal agency to take responsibility for doing this nationally (like the USGS does for Elevation data).

It’s a great idea – the California Draft Geospatial Data Plan created by CGIA has addresses as it’s most requested California framework dataset.

Click here to see the detailed recommendation

Possible LIDAR funding source – 3DEP

A comparison of an air photo and a lidar image of an area along Secondary Road and Camp Creek, 12 miles north of John Day, OR. The lidar image allows identification of landslide activity that is otherwise masked by trees

A comparison of an air photo and a lidar image of an area along Secondary Road and Camp Creek, 12 miles north of John Day, OR. The lidar image allows identification of landslide activity that is otherwise masked by trees

I wanted to pass this along, since it is a change on how the federal government is funding LIDAR acquisition.

Thanks to Matt Artz for this information.  Click here to see his full article.

Continue reading Possible LIDAR funding source – 3DEP

GIS Technician Position – Santa Cruz County

Passing this job opportunity along – Note that the last date to apply is July 25th (this Friday).  Click here to download more information


Salary: $3,387 – 4,283 / Month


Salary: $3,709 – 4,694 / Month

LAST DATE TO APPLY: Friday, July 25, 2014

CGIA pizza night in full swing

Come on by!



CGIA Pizza Night at ESRI User Conference

cgia_pizzaHello everyone,

In conjunction with Geospatial LA and Geospatial San Diego,  CGIA is hosting another “pizza night” for CGIA members and those interested in joining.  It should be fun and lively!  CGIA will be providing the pizza and salad, you need to provide your own drinks.

Please feel free to bring a friend and introduce them to the CGIA family, we hope they will all want to join us.

Attached please find the flyer for the event and location (click here to download flyer)

Event details:

Monday, July 14th
6:30 – 8:30 PM (or so) – after the map gallery
Basic Urban Kitchen
410 10th Ave
San Diego, CA

Here is the link to an RSVP page just so we can get a count: .

Hope to see you there. Please contact Dave Peck (2014-2015 CGIA Chair) or me if you have any questions.

CGIA Election Results for 2014/2015

CGIA is pleased to announce the elections results for the 2014/2105 Board of Directors:

  • City Representative: Chris Greene
  • County Representative: Mark Greninger
  • Regional Government Representative: Steven Steinberg
  • State Government Representative: Sam Hayashi (1st year), Fiona Renton (2nd year)
  • Education Representative: Este Graghty
  • Private Business Rep: Andre Doumitt
  • Non-profit Rep: Tia Morita

Thanks to everyone who voted.  This is a great board.  To see more of their backgrounds, go to:



GIS Resources map released by CGIA

CGIA has released an online map showing GIS contacts, websites, collaborative, and networking information for Counties in the State of California. Click on a County for contact information, including a link to the County’s general and GIS websites, Assessor’s parcel viewer, GIS contacts, and GIS collaborative and networking information.

We hope that this information will be valuable for the GIS community, since it will bring together in one place the GIS managers at the County level.  CGIA is working with the State GIO to create a unified set of information about GIS resources in the state.

We encourage you to leverage this work and reference and embed this map in your sites, where you can.  CGIA will keep this information up to date, but we do want your input (see below).  As this map is updated your site will automatically be updated as well.  To embed the map into your own website, you will only need to add one line of code:

<iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”700″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

Click here to access the map embed coding. 

We understand that not all of the information is up to date.  To update the information, you have a couple of options:

  • Open this Google Doc file (click here to open) and update the information.  We are working to automate the update to the map, but currently CGIA will update the information on this map quarterly.  
    • The Google doc file includes information about regional, state, federal, and any other agency that is doing GIS – we want to be comprehensive.
  • If you cannot access the Google Doc file, please use the linked form to update or correct information found herein.

City Map coming in the future.  We invite users to update information about city GIS information, since we will be looking to create a map with City GIS contact information in the future.

If you have questions, please contact:

2014-2015 CGIA Board Elections

ballotCGIA elections for the Board are now open.  We have received a number of highly qualified nominations, and we invite CGIA members, or those who will become members, to vote on the next Board.

Cast your vote by June 20th (that is 2 weeks away).

To see what CGIA acccomplished this past year, see the slide show from the CGIA Open Board Meeting (2014)

GIS Analyst Job with the City of Irvine

The City of Irvine seeks a well-rounded, seasoned professional for a GIS Analyst vacancy. The Analyst will perform duties related to the design and administration of the citywide integrated geographic information systems (GIS) databases. He/She will provide GIS-related services and support for citywide mapping operations and other planning/engineering functions, and provide a wide range of support services to City departments in the design/procurement of database systems and software applications, the integration of other databases, and training of department staff in the use of GIS systems.

Requires a bachelor’s degree in GIS, geography, information systems management, computer science, civil engineering, planning or related field and three years experience designing, implementing and maintaining GIS databases and applications, or any equivalent combination.

Please visit by June 27, 2014 for more information and to apply. EEO/ADA

Geospatial LA meet-up tomorrow

If you are in the LA Area, please swing by!

  • Group: Geospatial LA
  • Subject: Geospatial LA is THIS WEDNESDAY, June 4th @ CalTech – 5:30pm (Note Meetup Social Hour Location Change)

Our friends at Imagin’ Labs & PIXIA Corporation are graciously hosting us this Wednesday in Pasadena for an evening focused on imagery, sensor data collection, processing and remote sensing.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Radar, Optical, and Crowd Remote Sensing for Rapid Disaster Response
Planet Labs – Small Sats and Commercial Applications
AeroVironment – Convergence of UAV’s and GIS
Pixia Corp. – UAV Imagery and Dissemination Technology
Imagin’ Labs – Corregistration of Satellite and Aerial Imagery for Change Detection
Teledyne Scientific Imaging – Digital Imaging Technologies for Multi-Modal Sensing and Exploitation

MEETUP DETAILS (hosted by Imagin’ Labs):
Date: Wednesday, June 4th
Time: 5:30pm
Where: Caltech, 1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125
In the Buwalda room, first floor of the Arms building, which is building #25 on the campus map: 

Free after 5pm in the campus structures, I suggest parking in structure #123 on the map, which is approximately at: 485 S Wilson ave, Pasadena, CA 91106

MEETUP SOCIAL (hosted by PIXIA Corporation):
When: Approximately 7:30pm – on
Where (New Location!): Lucky Baldwins Trappiste – 1770 East Colorado Blvd.

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom “Preparing for the Future”

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom brought his technology and institutional change message to the Resources Building Auditorium on Monday, May 12 as a guest of the DWR Enterprise Geographic Information Systems Committee. “The world is reordering,” Newsom often tells audiences as he endorses a cultural shift within government from a top-down hierarchical model to one based on collaboration. “Government leaders need to recognize this shift and orient all of our systems to be participatory platforms,” he has said. ”Folks within agencies and departments have a remarkable capacity to lead this movement.” Director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research Ken Alex and DWR Deputy Director Gary Bardini provided opening remarks. A question-and-answer session was moderated by Tom Lupo, Deputy Director, Data Technology Division of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The event was recorded and the video is available here:

CGIA Board Nominations Open!

cgia_nomination_formHello CGIA member!

Election time for the CGIA Board is coming up, and CGIA is accepting nominations for new board members!  A board member serves for two years, under one of a number of categories.  You can see the current list here:

We meet every two months for a couple of hours via Conference call and online, and help set the tone and direction of CGIA for the coming year.  It isn’t a huge time commitment, however we do want to have engaged and opinionated folks to help drive CGIA’s mission to facilitate the growth of GIS in the state.  I have attached the slide show from the recent open board meeting at CalGIS to see what was accomplished this past year!

You can nominate yourself or someone that you think will do a good job in the position.  You can nominate a non-CGIA member as well (but they would need to become a member to join the board).

Nominations will close Thursday, June 5th, with online elections the following two weeks set to close at the end of June.

The Nomination Form is a fillable PDF file (click here to download) it is pretty easy to fill out, and we look forward to receiving your nomination!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me, or email David Peck at

Some technical items on the CGIA website


I recently was able to correct an error with our back-end emailing platform, so started receiving notifications when we got new registrants – which turns out to have a lot of attempted spammers – with close to 6,000 registered users on the CGIA website (unfortunately most of them being robots).

I have deleted a large number of recent registrants, and could not go through all of the entries.  If you registered via PayPal I definitely did not delete you, but if you are trying to log in, or haven’t received an email update, go ahead and register.

The full list of usernames I deleted is avaiable to download here: CGIA_Users_Deleted (Excel File)

Next CIRGIS Meeting – June 3, 2014

Passing this along …


cirgis The University of California, Santa Barbara will once again be hosting the annual Spatial@UCSB local event.

[something about how we are combining our general meeting with spatial]

This year will mark the 7th Annual event to be held on June 3, 2014 at UCSB. More information and details to be provided, visiting the Spatial@UCSB website.

CIRGIS would like a call for presentations from members and participants interested in sharing GIS projects or applications to showcase during the CIRGIS portion of the event.

 spatial_ucsb If you are interested in giving a presentation, contact Zacharias Hunt 805.448.1726 or by email at


2014 CGIA Awards announced at CalGIS 2014

CGIA Announced the winners of the 2014 Awards last week at the CalGIS conference in Monterey.

The winners were:

  • Exemplary Systems: Ari Isaak, Evari GIS
  • Outstanding Internet Application: Robert Beckler, City of Modesto
  • Advancement of Collaboration: California Public Safety Technology Modernization (PSTM)
  • Chairman’s Award: Jeff Orton, Paramount Citrus

Click here for full award details.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Free GIS Training for Southern California government staff from SCAG

scag_gisPassing this along to you, in case you are a SCAG GIS Services participant (most local governments in Southern California are)

Thank you for participating SCAG GIS Services Program. As promised, SCAG will be providing 8 intermediate and 5 advanced GIS trainings in months of April, May, and June at different venues. Online registration is available at

As part of SCAG GIS Service Program, these trainings are free to the participating jurisdictions. For more information about SCAG GIS Services Program, please refer to If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Javier Aguilar at


Again, thank you for your participation!

CGIA Open Board Meeting at CalGIS


Our next Board meeting is next Monday at CalGIS.  I sent an email with our agenda earlier today to all CalGIS members, but I wanted to pass this along.  If you are at the CalGIS conference, don’t hesitate to stop by.   We will be having a discussion about supporting collaboration in GIS for the State, and perhaps the role/status of the California GIS Council.

CGIA Board Agenda – CalGIS (April 14, 2014)

Hope to see you Monday!

Cal State Long Beach Masters in GIS Science – 1 year program

calstatelbPassing this along:

There is still time to apply to the California State University Long Beach MS in Geographic Information Science (CSULB MSGISci). The MSGISci is a 1-year 30-unit program geared toward working professionals.

Click here for more information and/or visit

Please contact the MSGISci Program Coordinator  Ms. Beth Moody and/or the MSGISci Program Director Dr. Suzanne Wechsler ( with any questions. 

CalGIS 2014 – Still Time to Register

Each year the four URISA chapters in California, along with the California Geographic Information Association, come together to present the California GIS Conference.  This year, the  conference will celebrate the milestone 20th annual event in Monterey, California, April 14-16, 2014.

The conference will kick off on Monday with preconference courses and meetings and then feature a full day (Tuesday) of important general sessions and keynote addresses:

Mike Migurski, of Code for America, will deliver the opening keynote address discussing  “GIS: Leaders from Within”.  He’ll discuss Code for America’s work with hundreds of local city, county, and state governments, they have found that GIS departments and data are the unsung heroes of civic hacking and open data. Location data is first out of the gate with government data releases, and beautiful maps and visualizations are the poster children of accessible public data. What are the technologies that got us here, and what future skills and methods will help support the central role that GIS data plays in the civic tech ecosystem?

Dylan Lorimer, product development manager for Enterprise Earth and Maps at Google, will discuss “The Changing Nature of Geo” during the mid-morning keynote.

Just before a hosted lunch, a powerhouse panel discussion will focus on “The Future of GIS/Geospatial in California: Technology, Collaboration, and Innovation”. Panelists will include:  

Scott Gregory – State of California GIO
Alex Barth – Developer, Open Data Expert – Mapbox
Dylan Lorimer – Google
Jeff Johnson – Boundless
Chris Thomas – Esri
Mark Greninger – County of Los Angeles GIO

The Tuesday afternoon line-up will feature a town hall session on “Geospatial Education, Career Development and Mentoring, where the conference will discuss some critical issues facing the development of the human element critical to GIS success with a goal of generating actionable tasks that can be used to support human resources across the state. A brief look-back at 20 year history of CalGIS conferences will precede Lightning Talks, always entertaining!

Wednesday’s education will feature twelve breakout sessions on a wide range of topics from the environment and modeling to data sharing and Federal programs. The conference will conclude with a powerhouse closing session featuring Eric Gundersen of MapBox, who will discuss open source solutions followed by the closing keynote speaker, Jack Dangermond, President of Esri, discussing  “GIS Technology Trends”.

Always an important part of the conference is the opportunity to visit with exhibitors and sponsors and network with the California GIS community during a number of conference events.

In addition, Esri, gold conference sponsor, is hosting a GeoDev MeetUp on Sunday evening and a Story Map Competition on Monday.

Review the entire conference program online at and register by April 11 in order to save $25.