Geospatial Data Act of 2017

Updated text of both the Senate and House versions of the Geospatial Data Act of 20017 are available at:

Note that these are the November revisions to the bills not the original July versions under different bill numbers. As of this time, the bills have dropped the language on data acquisition that was objectionable to many users.


Nate’s summary, these bills codify the roles and authority of the FGDC and require that Federal agencies coordinate the acquisition of geospatial data with other state, local, tribal, educational and private sector data providers to reduce duplication of efforts and to flesh out the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. It also gives Congress an oversight role over Federal agencies spatial data activities.

A long list of public and private geospatially interested organizations are signing on to support this iteration of the bill as necessary step to building a robust spatial data infrastructure for the US.


I’m attaching drafts of two letters of support (one for the house bill and one for the Senate), based on the letter of support submitted by the GIO of the State of Oregon, who was involved in the recent negotiations and the National States Geographic Information Committee (NSGIC).

We will be discussing whether the submission of these letters, or a modification of them is appropriate for the GIS Council.