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Call for Papers for CalGIS/LocationCon 2017

CalGIS/LocationCon 2017 Conference is coming May 22-24 in Oakland!

CalGIS LocationCon 2017 is a co-hosted conference that combines the annual California GIS conference (CalGIS) with LocationCon which is a new LocationTech event that targets Eclipse Foundation members and others who attend FOSS4GNAFOSS4G and LocationTech Tour events.

CalGIS LocationCon 2017 provides content for and builds bridges between the CalGIS community who focus on GIS best practices in government, non-profit, education and consulting in California, and the LocationTech community who develop advanced location aware technologies via collaboration with commercially-friendly open source software.

CalGIS LocationCon 2017 attendees will include a diverse mix of geospatial professionals, developers, decision-makers, researchers, vendors, students and other geo-focused professionals.


What's Different about CalGIS LocationCon 2017 vs. past CalGIS conferences? CalGIS LocationCon 2017 will offer a deeper, more rewarding conference experience compared to past CalGIS conferences in many ways:

  • 4-day conference vs. past 3-day conferences
  • Monday workshop day offering a range of workshops that are included in the conference registration package and not required to be purchased as add-on features
  • Expected audience that is twice as large as past CalGIS conferences
  • More diverse and dynamic mix of conference attendees that is a combination of the typical CalGIS crowd with the Location Tech community
  • Expanded geospatail content showcasing the latest highly innovative research in both commercial and open source solutions
  • Wide range of diverse keynote/plenary sessions
  • Additional social events to encourage more interaction, networking and information sharing
  • Lunch provided daily
  • Vendor/exhibitor area that is centrally located with high traffic during the conference

Help Support the Conference!

  • Spread the word to colleagues and friends
  • Encourage your company or organization to be a sponsor
  • Give a presentation to share your knowledge
  • Help plan the conference by volunteering