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Cindy Nance wins 2011 Excellence in Education Award

Cindy Nance, Mt. San Jacinto College

Certificate in GIS, Associate of Science degree in GIS and Associate of Arts in Geography Program, Mt. San Jacinto College

  • Bachelor's in Anthropology (Archaeology), U.C. Berkeley 1983
  • Master's in Anthropology (Archaeology), Northern Arizona University 1992
  • Doctorate in Geography (Archaeology and GIS), Louisiana State University 1998

Dabbling with maps and land records in 1982 using mylar overlays on an overhead projector to demonstrate land use change over time, from prehistoric site to Spanish vineyard to a proposed development in San Mateo County.  Her dissertation focused on multiple factors that contribute to the abandonment of historic cemeteries in Southeastern Louisiana, including outmigration and negative impacts of cemetery regulations.

She began teaching GIS at Riverside Community College and U.C. Riverside Extension in 1999.  Hired as Geography and GIS Instructor at Mt. San Jacinto College August 2000, where I followed Ann Johnson's lead in creating a Certificate in GIS, Associate of Science degree in GIS and Associate of Arts in Geography.  Mt. San Jacinto College's GIS program continues to evolve as industry and professional demands change.  Recently, submitted course revisions that integrate geospatial competencies for six new Geospatial careers now recognized by the Department of Labor, which is based on the URISA, September 2010 publication focusing on Education.  Dr. Nance, as her student's call her, is hoping to have the GIS program at Mt. San Jacinto College fully online by Spring 2012.