Sustaining Members





Membership Benefits

Benefits of CGIA Membership:

  • Participation in the shaping of GIS Industry Standards, Best Practices and Legislation affecting California and the nation
  • Website & Monthly e-Newsletter
  • Grant Project Partnerships & Collaboration
  • Statewide Job Board
  • Social Events & Networking Opportunities
  • Education/ Information Sharing at Workshops, Conferences & Forums
  • Online Learning Resources & Training Opportunities
  • Awards Program
  • Statewide Events Calendar
  • Sustaining and Nonprofit/ Education members may post GIS industry jobs online
  • Facilitating Coordination, Collaboration &
  • Advocacy for California’s GIS Community


  • CGIA represents the geographic distribution and cross-section of California including: city, county, regional, state and federal governments, public utilities, education groups, private business, professional societies and non-profits.
  • CGIA works as the "leader of the leaders" in partnership with other organizations to create a unified voice on policy and legislation.
  • CGIA facilitates the development of education session topics to “ensure the accuracy and quality of geographic information to support resolving important, relevant public policy issues.”
  • CGIA provides a statewide forum to support California’s engagement with local governments.


  • CGIA membership offers opportunities to work with other organizations and businesses.
  • CGIA promotes the use of consistent standards for ensuring the accuracy and quality of geographic information.
  • CGIA promotes the development and sharing of data.
  • CGIA promotes the development of industry “best practices.”
  • CGIA membership provides the financial foundation to apply for, accept and implement grants.
  • CGIA, in concert with the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC), works to promote National Geospatial Initiatives.


  • CGIA promotes increased public awareness of the use of GIS in everyday life.
  • CGIA works towards the implementation of strategic initiatives designed to encourage greater use of GIS for improving public service delivery.
  • CGIA advocates for the geospatial community on policy and legislative matters concerning the development of California Spatial Data Infrastructure for promoting the public interest.
  • CGIA champions GIS to the executive and legislative branches of state, regional, county and local government.