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The CA GIS Phase 2 Strategic Planning Project

The California geospatial community continued the work of the Phase 1 Strategic Planning Project by soliciting, identifying, summarizing, and integrating regional perspectives into a Phase 2 GIS Strategic Plan. The product contributes to the development of a California Spatial Data Infrastructure (CA-SDI), for improving the quality of life within California. CGIA selected Michael Baker Jr., Inc. as the contractor for this FGDC Fifty States Grant-funded project. Initial outreach began in September with an online survey, followed by a series of seven workshops across California in October and November. The final report offers a detailed analysis of data collected, along with recommendations for a successful statewide Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Progress Reports

Pre-Workshop Survey Analysis

Workshop Overview Presentation

Summary of Workshop Results: Data Availability Snapshot

Workshop Summaries

Workshop Survey Results

Bay Area Regional GIS Council North Valley Regional GIS Council
Central Coast Joint Data Committee Sacramento Regional GIS Council
Channel Islands Regional GIS Collaborative San Diego Regional GIS Council
Eastern Sierra GIS Network San Joaquin Valley Regional GIS Council
Far North Regional GIS Council San Luis Obispo Regional Council
Gold Country Regional GIS Collaborative Sierra Nevada Regional GIS Council
Humboldt Area GIS Collaborative SoCalGIS
Mendocino-Lake Regional Collaborative Southeastern California GIS Council

Summary of Geospatial Framework Data Themes: Framework Data Theme Handout

Project Work Scope: Work Scope