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Imagery Business Plan and Best Practices Project

CGIA partnered with the US Geological Survey, the California Resources Agency, and the California GIS Council to develop a California Digital Imagery (CDI) Business Plan and Best Practices Report. This goal of this project was to identify best practice options for cooperatively acquiring and procuring digital imagery, as guidance for regional and other multi-participant digital imagery projects that may be conducted within California. To accomplish this goal, an inventory of major imagery projects was conducted, along with interviews and workshops based on a selected group of digital imagery projects, either started or completed within the past three years. This information was then used to develop case studies of best practices and identify imagery projects that may not have met their goals. Finally, public workshops were held to present a summary of survey and interview findings to be reviewed and included in the final CDI Business Plan and Best Practices Report. The final report provides summary highlights of the major findings, conclusions, recommendations and lessons learned from the project.

Imagery Business Plan and Best Practices Work Plan Summary: Final Work Plan

Five Workshop Synopses
The following five workshop synopses provide a summary of input from each of the five workshops. To read the Status Report and summaries from the AMBAG, CIRGIS, LARIAC, SACOG and SANDAG Workshops, click the links below:

Progress Reports: