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GIS Return on Investment spreadsheet

Members can now access a Return on Investment (ROI) spreadsheet that can help calculate the ROI of individual GIS projects, which can help justify those projects and the value of GIS.

It is available in the members area here:


California GIS Council – new charter adopted January 7, 2015

I wanted to inform everyone that at the California GIS Council Meeting on January 7th, 2015 the current California GIS Council adopted a new charter that changes the way the Council is organized and operated. There is more clarity around the role of the executive committee, which will be focused primarily on administration of the […]

Call for Content

As part of its mission of providing best practice examples for GIS professional in the state, the California Geographic Information Association (CGIA) is developing a document repository which will serve as a resource for GIS professionals and managers.

The goal of this repository is to enable GIS staff to use industry-wide best practices for extending […]

Choosing a mobile development Strategy

ESRI wrote a very nice article about the various technology decisions when selecting a mobile development strategy. It isn’t GIS centric nor esri centric, so I highly recommend it.

Choosing a mobile development strategy introduces many parameters: a team’s development skillset, the application’s required functionality, and the ease of maintenance, just to name a few. […]

New resource for CGIA member

I have posted a set of slides from a recent GIS Manager’s workshop in Pasadena to the member’s area here:



Student Internship Program Guide

The attached document is a comprehensive guide to sponsoring and supervising a student intern. It is written for California state government but can be useful for other organizations as well.

This was passed along to CGIA from Jane Schafer-Kramer from the State – thank you!

Student Internship Program Guide (pdf file)

Updated GIS Policies

Hi there,

I have updated the GIS Policies page (for CGIA members only) and added data maintenance and management policies that were kindly forwarded to me by Twyla McDermott, in the CIO’s office at the City of Charlotte. They focus on data and metadata management which is helpful for large organizations.

Why Join CGIA?

Advocate for California GIS CGIA helps shape and support GIS standards, best practices, and legislation affecting California and the Nation. CGIA Awards recognize contributions and achievements of California GIS professionals.

Share best practices CGIA members can access exclusive content including case studies, contract documents, strategy papers, position descriptions, policies, and standards.

Create peer […]

California GIS Task Force Releases Report recommending creation of State GIO Position

This report recommended and helped create the Office of Geographic Information Officer in the State of California.

If you are looking for documents to help you establish GIS governance for you organization, it is recommended reading.


Visualizing California: A Strategy for Enhanced Decision-making Tools for Public Policy Makers and the Public

California Imagery Business Plan and Best Practices Project Final Report

CGIA partnered with the US Geological Survey, the California Resources Agency, and the California GIS Council to develop a California Digital Imagery (CDI) Business Plan and Best Practices Report. This goal of this project was to identify best practice options for cooperatively acquiring and procuring digital imagery, as guidance for regional and other multi-participant digital […]

2009-2010 CGIA Year End Report

CGIA Year End Report (2009-2010).pdf

2007-2008 Year End Report

Year End Report (2007-2008).pdf

CGIA Releases the California GIS Phase 2 Strategic Planning Final Report

The California geospatial community continued the work of the Phase 1 Strategic Planning Project by soliciting, identifying, summarizing, and integrating regional perspectives into a Phase 2 GIS Strategic Plan. The product contributes to the development of a California Spatial Data Infrastructure (CA-SDI), for improving the quality of life within California. CGIA selected Michael Baker Jr., […]

CGIA Releases California Geospatial Framework Draft Data Plan

In October 2006, Michael Baker, Inc. published the California Geospatial Data Draft Plan report in partnership with the California Geographic Information Association (CGIA), the California GIS Council, USGS, and the California Resources Agency. The report was the key deliverable for an institution building CAP Grant Program, culminating a six-month process of interactive meetings in regional […]

2005-2006 Year End Report

Two documents are included:

CGIA 2005-2006 Annual Report (.pdf file) CGIA 2005-2006 Annual Report Highlights