The purpose of the California GIS Council is to promote a greater understanding and use of the benefits of GIS, and facilitate cooperation throughout the State of California by supporting the collection, acquisition, sharing, and dissemination of GIS data, standards, and policies.

The Council, comprised of a diverse body of GIS professionals, will act as an advisory body to members of its constituencies, the State Geographic Information Officer, and agencies and groups that develop and implement geospatial initiatives, policies, and standards, by providing recommendations, best practices, and expertise.

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  1. Planning and Strategy: To identify and prioritize California’s geographic information needs and priorities, and develop and maintain a Strategic Plan to guide the implementation and completion of the goals and associated objectives expressed in this Charter.
  2. Advisory: To serve as a trusted advisor to members of its constituencies by reviewing, analyzing, and responding to public policy issues that affect GIS and GIS Professionals.
  3. Collaborative policy development: To serve as a forum for members to seek input, guidance, and consensus on policies and best practices that support the development of GIS in California and advocating for their adoption.
  4. California Spatial Data Access: To support the development, maintenance, and access to comprehensive statewide geospatial data for Council constituencies and the general public.
  5. Collaboration: To promote cooperation and create opportunities for various levels of government to meet identified needs and priorities.
  6. Communication: To provide a forum where GIS professionals and governments can discuss best practices, identify technology trends, and benefit from others in the GIS field.