NHD and WBD dynamic service endpoints

Good afternoon, and apologies for duplication.
Please see below for a special announcement about changes to the :

National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) and Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD) dynamic web-based map service endpoints migrated to new Cloud endpoints on Feb 2, 2018. Anyone using the previous endpoints will need to update those references to the new endpoints. 

For more information, Please see the USGS Technical Announcement, NHD and WBD Map Services Moving to the Cloud,

New USGS Hydrography web-based map service endpoints:

National Hydrography Dataset

Watershed Boundary Dataset

Please note: The new endpoints no longer contains a (0) layer. All other layers options remain unchanged, other than layer ordering/numbering. See links above for full descriptions of layer ordering.

The migration will improve performance and reliability while keeping separate and independently consumable NHD and WBD services. These new Cloud endpoints also provide a more logical hierarchy for accessing USGS Hydrography web-based map services. This change will impact applications presently consuming the NHD and WBD layers from the previous service addresses.