Pre- and post-disaster imagery

…just a reminder that the USGS Hazard Data Distribution System (HDDS) is supporting all disasters in CA with pre- and post-disaster imagery. Access with your EarthExplorer credentials, and access to restricted data takes a momentary request.

Our contact is Rynn Lamb:

Rynn Lamb
Domestic Disaster Response Coordinator
Phone +1.605.594.6958


HDDS is supporting the Debris flow in California. The following images and products have been added to HDDS.  Please send an email to be added to or removed from this list.
Direct URL’s that you can hand out for access requests.
1 Data_Sources_20180112
40 WORLDVIEW2_20180111
2 DOD_SPOT7_MSI_20180111
2 SPOT7_PSH_20180111
2 SPOT7_PAN_20180111
1 _LANDSAT7_20180111
22 WORLDVIEW2_PreEvent
64 WORLDVIEW2_PreEvent
18 WORLDVIEW2_PreEvent
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Our colleagues at USDA also publish a daily digest of new data. Please contact Glenn directly to receive this during events:

Glenn R. Bethel

USDA Remote Sensing Advisor

Room 4617-south (Mail Stop 1050)

1400 Independence Ave, SW

Washington, DC 20250

Voice: (202)720-1280   Email: