NASA ROSES-2016 invitation for proposals

NASA Earth Science released a solicitation for proposals to support nine specific elements within the GEO Work Programme 2017-2019.

A copy of it is attached. The on-line location is{8AECC2CF-1D3C-6180-625D-8ECE14C72FEC}&path=open

The name is: Group on Earth Observations Work Programme

The code is: ROSES-2016 A.50

As the solicitation notes, NASA is interested in involving non-Federal domestic organizations in contributing to and achieving progress on the GEO Work Programme, GEO WP.  The nine elements are a mix of Flagship, Initiatives, Community Activities: AmeriGEOSS, EO4EA, GEOGLOWS, GEO BON, GEOVENER, Global Flood Risk Modeling, Global Wildfire Information System (GWIS), Health, and Human Planet  (note: the Health one is expected to be added with the GEO WP update in mid-December.)   These nine are elements in which USA/NASA has some lead role or significant involvement.  The text of the solicitation also encourages projects to consider uses of Earth obs for appropriate UN Sustainable Development Goals related to the WP element.

A note about eligibility. While representatives from USGEO member agencies are eligible to propose and/or be part of a proposal, we note that, for this particular NASA solicitation, representatives from USGEO member agencies (non-NASA) must be sponsored by their respective agency or otherwise provide their own financial resources.

Notices of Intent are due Jan 13.

Full proposals are due Feb. 28.

The solicitation (Sections 3 & 6) lists the respective points-of-contact for each of the nine Work Programme elements included.