Sustaining Members





Organization Structure

CGIA has a 22-member Board of Directors that includes two members from nine stakeholder groups within California and four officers:

  1. Federal
  2. State
  3. County
  4. Regional
  5. City
  6. Education
  7. Not-for-profit professional associations
  8. Private sector
  9. Public utilities

In addition to the nine stakeholder groups that represent California diverse GIS community, the Board has a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. Each year CGIA members elect one representative from each of these sectors. CGIA also elects a Treasurer and Vice-Chair, who automatically becomes the Chair for the next fiscal year.

The CGIA Board has organized committees in the following areas:

  1. Programs to provide events associated with CGIA Awards, policy forums, CALGIS, as well as creating policy/legislative strategies
  2. Nominations and Elections
  3. Membership
  4. Web Site Deployment
  5. GIS Council Communication
CGIA Highlights
Defined and developed California's portion of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure as a partner organization with the Federal Geographic Data Committee.
Organized an effort to enhance and promote a metadata clearinghouse for California.
Promoted an active statewide effort by all levels of the education community to addressCalifornia's needs in GIScience research, education, and training.
Supported the creation of a State GIS Council.
Has become the facilitator of better collaboration between Regional Collaboratives and the California GIS Council.
Administers a grant for metadata training workshops and best practice guidelines in five areas of the state.
Administers a grant to provide education on data sharing strategies and promote data sharing agreements.