Sustaining Members





Strategic Initiatives (2006-2007)

Regular Communication to Geospatial Community
CGIA will communicate with the state-wide geospatial community using the CGIA NEWSFLASH, with links to the CGIA web site. The goal of this communication is to improve collaboration and support for CGIA’s mission, initiatives, programs, activities, and events. The CGIA NEWSFLASH will also focus on building community events that bring people together to support the development of a California Geospatial Data Infrastructure. CGIA will work with the CalGIS Program Committee to host a policy forum at the 2007 CALGIS Conference in Oakland, held on April 4th, 5th, and 6th. CGIA will work with URISA chapters to active better integration of programs and events that facilitate the “Fifty States Initiative.”

Facilitate Coordination for the California GIS Council with Regional Collaboratives
CGIA will provide up to four meetings with regional GIS collaboratives. The CGIA Board will initiate three meetings with regional collaboratives via telephone conference calls. One meeting will be at the CalGIS Conference in Oakland. CGIA will assign a Board member to be the communication liaison for each regional collaborative. CGIA officers and Board members will participate in regional meetings and the GIS Council meetings to promote better regional collaboration. CGIA will work with regional collaboratives to facilitate regional policy forums that will define specific regional challenges and problems that have statewide implications, identify alternatives, and create action plans for the resolution of the priority concerns. If there is a consensus that legislative advocacy is needed CGIA will provide leadership to advocate legislative policy changes on behalf of California’s geospatial community.

Partner with CERES and California GIS Council to develop a geospatial data plan for California
CGIA will work closely with CERES and the GIS Council to engage local and regional interests in the development of a geospatial data plan -- bringing focus to its other outreach, coordination, and communication initiatives. The principal objective is to design and implement a repeatable process for assessing the geospatial data needs of California's GIS community. CGIA will work with the California GIS Council, NSGIC, and FGDC to use the results of the geospatial framework data plan to promote the “Fifty States Initiative.” John Ellison and Ray McDowell are the principal investigators with support from the contractor, Michael Baker, Inc.

Facilitate Coordination for the California GIS Council with the Private Sector Task Force
On behalf of the California GIS Council, CGIA has created a private sector task force to foster collaboration that can support the California GIS Council. CGIA is hosting telephone conferences to solicit private sector feedback and support of the California GIS Council.

Partner with CERES and California GIS Council to develop a Strategic Plan for Geospatial Database Integration
By supporting the California GIS Council’s application for a Strategic Planning grant funding, CGIA will promote geospatial framework data implementation, data sharing, and metadata use consistent with a strategic framework for the integration of geospatial framework data for critical GIS application development solutions. CGIA will collaborate with regional councils/collaboratives and the California GIS Council to facilitate statewide strategic planning.

Increase CGIA Membership to Become Representative of Sectors and Regions
In the second year of this initiative, CGIA is working to increase membership to over 100 paid members during 2006-07, by increasing stakeholder involvement in CGIA programs, activities, and events. During 2006-07, CGIA Board Directors representing each of the nine sectors (federal, state, county, regional, city, education, not-for-profit professional associations, private sector, and public utility organizations) will make regular personal outreach contacts to double the membership of their respective sector. The CGIA membership database will be updated on a monthly basis. Individuals who join CGIA will receive a thank you confirmation that their membership payment has been received. CGIA will update its events calendar to keep the geospatial community informed about regional events and activities. CGIA will keep members informed about its programs, activities, and events through the CGIA NEWSFLASH as other communications.