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Strategic Initiatives (2004-2005)

Facilitate Communication with the California GIS Council
CGIA supports two-way communications with the California GIS Council (CGC), providing input to the Council on important policy and strategy issues and disseminating State Council information to the regional collaboratives, the CGIA membership, and those interested in GIS. In 2005, the California GIS Council has requested that CGIA serve as its communication link with regional collaboratives.

Facilitate Communications with Regional GIS Collaboratives
CGIA is facilitating dialog among the established regional GIS collaboratives to promote effective regional coordination, inter-region communication, and statewide GIS program needs. CGIA holds quarterly meetings with these regional collaboratives.

Outreach California
CGIA is a recipient of a FGDC Metadata Outreach Training grant. This initiative is supported by the California Resources Agency, UC Davis, and various regional collaboratives. Through this initiative, metadata development training will be provided to five regions of the state to increase the content of geospatial metadata within the CERES Metadata catalog. Ms. Mary Tsui is the Principal Investigator.

Model Data Distribution Policy
CGIA is a recipient of a FGDC Institution Building and Coordination grant. This initiative presents a model policy for geographic data distribution that agencies are encouraged to consider and adapt to their needs. This initiative builds on the Open Data Consortium Project that developed the model policy. Mr. Bruce Joffe is the Principal Investigator.

Web Services Training Project
The USGS provided CGIA with an Assistance Award to conduct training sessions on implementing GIS web services that will promote the effective sharing of geospatial data. Mr. Craig Gooch is the Principal Investigator and is supported by Mr. Ray McDowell serving as Training Coordinator.

Statewide GIS Parcel Coordination
Digital GIS-based assessor parcel data provides public agencies with a critical information framework for program and policy administration, management, planning, emergency management, homeland security, and many other key services. CGIA is promoting the establishment of a statewide GIS cadastre through coordination with regional GIS collaboratives, county assessors, state agencies, and federal agencies.

2004-05 Annual Report
Craig Gooch, CGIA Chair for 2004-05, prepared an annual report on accomplishments with respect to each of these initiatives.