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GIS Analyst I Position Open at City of Redding



GIS Analyst I

City of Redding, California

Final Filing Date: Until Filled

Job Description:

The City of Redding is establishing an eligibility list to fill a full-time vacancy as well as future vacancies that occur during the life of the list. Under direction, incumbents are expected to: operate Geographic Information System (GIS) workstations and software; perform spatial and attribute data creation and maintenance; and difficult analytical work related to GIS. GIS Analyst II is distinguished from GIS Analyst I by journey-level work, typically of greater complexity, and the expectation of working with greater independence on a broader range of GIS-related tasks.

Example of Duties:

Utilizes in-house GIS data in ESRI ArcGIS and/or Autodesk Map format to create routine map exhibits; utilizes GIS data from in-house and outside sources to process special mapping requests for small and large format presentations; researches, verifies, creates, edits and maintains spatial and attribute databases; performs complex queries using database field calculations, derived values and/or summary data for the purpose of creating subsets and/or select sets of spatial and attribute data; creates, modifies, imports, and/or utilizes existing cell or grid based GIS datasets to perform complex spatial analysis using ArcGIS, Spatial Analyst, or 3D Analyst software; performs complex point, polygon and address geocoding and/or linking of external data files to existing georeferenced datasets; performs complex database manipulations in SQL Server, Access, Dbase-files, and/or text files; develops map and attribute data for online publishing and mapping applications; and performs other related duties as assigned.