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2017 CGIA GIS Award Winners

CGIA announced the winners of the 2017 Awards  at the ESRI Conference in San Diego in July.

The winners are:
Advancement of Collaboration Award - Santa Clara Collaborative GIS Group
Exemplary Systems Award - Lorri Peltz-Lewis, US Forest Service
Outstanding Internet Application Award - Tie - Rebecca Ferkovich,
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Outstanding Internet Application Award - Tie - Alison Dalgity,
Getty Conservation Institute

Chair's Award - Cristi Delgado, City of Berkeley, CA


Advancement of Collaboration Award Santa Clara Collaborative GIS Group – Accepted by Doug Schenk

There is a need for comprehensive, complete address point data sets for use in public safety, as well as community noticing and transportation routing.  Santa Clara County and its principal cities, have a collaborative address point project, building a comprehensive and authoritative address data set.  This project is important in attaining national objectives and in promoting cooperation and collaboration among agencies.

Exemplary Systems Award - Lorri Peltz-Lewis, US Forest Service

Lorri currently serves as the manager of the Enterprise Data Warehouse for the United States Forest Service, assembling a collection of natural resources data, much of it geospatial, and serving it out to the public on a website that is clear, intuitive, and reliable. In her previous position as a GIS Coordinator, Fire and Aviation Management for Region 5 in the US Forest Service, she coordinated a GIS training program for the wildland firefighting and watershed recovery community, and initiated a program to collect, curate, maintain, and distribute a GIS data library for use in wildfire and other emergency response situations where internet connections are nonexistent. Prior to that, as a hydrologist for the US Bureau of Reclamation, Lorri spearheaded the creation and certification of the California portion of the National Watershed Boundary Dataset.  She has been involved with GISCorps on the development of a Search & Rescue Mission Pilot Project. Lorri has also served for several years on the board of directors of NorCal URISA. She is a role model for public servants everywhere and for women in the GIS world in particular.

Outstanding Internet Application Award –

Rebecca Ferkovich, Fire and Resource Assessment program (FRAP),

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Fire Probability for Carbon Accounting -

This web application allows users to evaluate the likelihood of wildfire in future decades for custom project areas in California.  It supports evaluation of projects funded by CAL FIRE to restore forest health, reduce wildfire emissions and promote the long-term storage of forest carbon.

With a clean and straightforward interface and clear step-by-step instructions, the application is intuitive to use, even for those with little GIS experience. Behind the scene it uses advanced geoprocessing techniques to perform a complex task quickly, providing users with the desired information in a clear, concise and understandable way.

The application was built using ArcGIS API for JavaScript that consumes GIS services from ArcGIS Server.

Outstanding Internet Application Award -  Alison Dalgity, Getty Conservation Institute


 Arches is an open-source, geospatially-enabled software platform for cultural heritage inventory and management, developed jointly by the Getty Conservation Institute and World Monuments Fund.  Arches allows cash-strapped organizations to manage their inventories of cultural heritage data in a manner that adheres to international standards, is easy to set up, and easy to use.

Existing users of Arches include: The City of Los Angeles, the Cane River National Heritage Area in Louisiana, Queen Anne's County in Maryland, Philippine Heritage, and the Nouli Community in Hualien County, Taiwan.

Chair's Award

Cristi Delgado, City of Berkeley, CA

Cristi Delgado:  Enterprise GIS and Open Data Coordinator

The City of Berkeley, California continues to plan, design and build an enterprise, scalable and enduring GIS.  This is largely in part to do with the vision of the IT Department and the GIS Coordinator, Cristi Delgado, whose roles and responsibilities have been key to the City’s continued success.  Cristi has spearheaded the deployment of innovative enterprise web solutions that have been engineered to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and allow City departments to make better, more informed decisions, automate workflow, and protect the community.