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Help GeoTech Recognize Those Who Support Geospatial Education

geotech_nominationThe GeoTech Center needs your help in recognizing individuals and organizations that have supported geospatial education at two year colleges.

Each year GeoTech asks for nominations for three Awards – two for individuals and one for an organization through it National Excellence in Geospatial Education Awards program.  One award is given to an individual for Lifetime Achievement, one for an individual that has exhibited excellence during the past two years and one award is present to an organization.

Past recipients include Deidre Sullivan and Tora Johnson for Lifetime Achievement, Nicole Ernst and David Skiles for distinguished educator awards and Directions Magazine and GeoTED for organization partners’ awards.  Please nominate those individuals and partners you would like recognized by going to the GeoTech website at and filling in and submitting the brief nomination forms no later than February 1, 2016.  If you have any questions, please contact Ann Johnson at