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Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom “Preparing for the Future”

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom brought his technology and institutional change message to the Resources Building Auditorium on Monday, May 12 as a guest of the DWR Enterprise Geographic Information Systems Committee. “The world is reordering,” Newsom often tells audiences as he endorses a cultural shift within government from a top-down hierarchical model to one based on collaboration. “Government leaders need to recognize this shift and orient all of our systems to be participatory platforms,” he has said. ”Folks within agencies and departments have a remarkable capacity to lead this movement.” Director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research Ken Alex and DWR Deputy Director Gary Bardini provided opening remarks. A question-and-answer session was moderated by Tom Lupo, Deputy Director, Data Technology Division of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The event was recorded and the video is available here: