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Sebastian Roberts with 2011 Outstanding Internet Presentation Award

My Neighborhood Web Application

Nevada County’s My Neighborhood web application gives citizens access to property and other data with a user friendly map interface.  A user can navigate around the map and overlay various aerial photos using a slider to adjust the transparency of the image overlay.  Numerous district boundaries and points of interest such as schools and polling places can also be displayed.  One can search by address or parcel number to quickly zoom to a parcel and launch a report with associated property values, zoning, building permits, a link to the Assessor’s Parcel Map, and more.  The application allows you to add your own graphics and labels and quickly print the map.  Internally, County employees have the additional ability to upload addresses and place them on the map, or buffer a project area and export a list of owners and addresses.  The sheriff department is provided with analytical tools such as crime mapping and proximity analysis.

This application has also proven very useful for county staff especially county planners and building department staff working at the public counter, Assessors, and Environmental Health workers.

This application was built using the ESRI Flex API 1.3, and is based upon ESRI’s sample Flex viewer.